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The Elder Scrolls Online Rightful Inheritance warewolf

Rightful Inheritance

Level 15 Auridon

Elanwe’s son, Sorondil, is the illegitimate son of the deceased High Kinsman Rilis XII. Sorondil has come to these ruins to retrieve a great treasure.

Elanwe asked me to protect her son. She said I can meet him in the ruins near the entrance to the vault.

Find Sorondil, and Speak to Sorondil

Lower Eastern Ward At each ward it’s guardian will need to be defeated before Sorondil will bring down the ward.

The Elder Scrolls Online Rightful Inheritance Start map

  • Lower Southern Ward

TESO Rightful Inheritance-lowering the wards

  • Lower Western Ward
  • Return to Vault Entrance
  • Enter Castle Vault
  • Follow Sorondil
  • Defeat Sorondil
  • Return to Elanwe


TESO rightful inheritance quest reward despots-shoulderplates