The Elder Scrolls Online quest The Tempest Unleashed

The Tempest Unleashed

Level 6 Khenarthi’s Roost     

The Maormer seek to prevent the Dominion from establishing themselves on Khenarthi’s Toost. They’ve launched a full scale attack on Cat’s Eye Quay.

Dominion commander Karinth needs help holding the line against a Maormer invasion. I should speak with her at the docks.

Map image to the start of quest The Tempest Unleashed

  • Talk to Commander Karinith
  • Direct Survivors to Safety
  • Find the Dominion Marine She will give you the choice of coming along to help, or having a wizard help you. I chose to have Sergeant Firion assist me.
  • Find Signs of the Maormer Plan

Map image of the objective find signs of the maormer plan.

  • Enter the Wind Tunnels

Image of entrance to the wind tunnels.

  • Talk to Ealcil
  • Use Ealcil’s Lodestone
  • Use Lodestone to Drain Storm Totems: 0/5
  • Talk to Ealcil’s Psijic Projection
  • Disrupt So’Wester Horn

Fighting snake creature for objective disrupting the horns.

  • Disrupt Centralia Horn
  • Disrupt Nor’Easter Horn
  • Escape the Ritual Site
  • Talk to Razum-dar


Image of quest reward Storm Slave's Razor.

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