Map image of the starting point to quest Root of the Problem.

The Root of the Problem

Level 4 Khenarthi’s Roost     

There’s a crisis at Windcatcher Plantation. Something is wrong with their Great Tree, and the locals believe it has something to do with the tree’s roots, which can be accessed from a cave below it.

Spinner Benieth sent a spirit below to heal the Great Tree’s roots, but something has impeded its progress. Perhaps I’ll learn more if I find the cave entrance.

  • Enter the Cave Once you enter speak to Naarwe. He will fill you in all what he knows.
  • Protect the Spirit as It Heals the Roots: 0/4  This part of the quest seemed counter-intuitive. It doesn’t matter how many bugs you defeat, the quest is based on the number of roots the spirit heals, which turns it into a waiting game.
  • Talk to Spinner Benieth


Image of quest reward Rootsplitter.

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