Image of the red fog trail leading through the town of Mistral.

The Perils of Diplomacy

Level 5 Khenarthi’s Roost     

The Aldmeri Dominion seeks to secure the loyalty of Khenarthi’s Roost, but an old treaty with the Maormer prevents this.

Razum-dar gave me a token to hand to the silvenar, a diplomatic envoy for the dominion. This will let the Silvenar know I can be trusted to assist him in this delicate matter.


  • Talk to the Silvenar He will suggest you talk to Harrani, and Ulondil.
  • Investigate the Chancery After speaking with both Harrani, and Ulondil return to the Silvenar.
  • Talk to the Silvenar
  • Talk to Razum-dar
  • Sneak into the Maormer Embassy’s Private Quarters Upstairs you will find the guards love note. Downstairs you will find servants clothes inside is moon-sugar. You can also find ink and paper. You can either forge a letter for the guard, or put Moon-Sugar in his drink.
  • Bring the Treaty to Razum-dar
  • Talk to the Silvenar You arrive to discover that something is wrong with the Silvenar.
  • Talk to The Green Lady
  • Talk to Harrani She will declare you a deputy of the Mistral guard.
  • Examine Harrani’s Report After reading her reports, your quest will update.


  • Stake Out the Warehouse, Investigate the Apothecary, Search the Serpent’s Kiss  I opted to pay the gold bribe, and was granted immediate access to the ships cargo hold. On board the Serpent’s Kiss you will find a crate of Sea Viper Paraphernalia.
  • Bring Evidence to Razum-dar
  • Talk to the Green Lady
  • Follow the Trail through Mistral (main image)


  • Destroy the Ritual Focus, and Interrogate the Assassin  The Assassin names Ulondil as the person who gave the orders.
  • Confront Ulondil
  • Talk to Harrani
  • Follow Ulondil
  • Deal with Ulondil in the Embassy  You are offered the choice to kill, or detain Ulondil. I chose to let him live.
  • Talk to Harrani


Image of the quest reward Queens Own Cuirass.

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