Map image of the starting point to the quest The Family Business.

The Family Business

Level 4 Khenarthi’s Roost     

A moon-sugar plantation suffered a terrible fire. The family in charge of the plantation needs a hand to recover from their tragedy.

Azbi-ra asked me to salvage any alchemical tools from the wreckage of her family’s moon-sugar storehouses. She hopes to trade them for healing magic to save her husband.

  • Salvage Alchemical Tools
  • Find the Skooma

Image of finding skooma on the beach.

  • Talk to Zaban-ma  Oh wonderful, Zaban-ma is being hassled by the police, and needs you to clear things up.
  • Decide the Fate of the Family I gave Officer Lorin the skooma I found on the beach, and mentioned the Crosstree bandit to her as well. She puts the pieces together, and arrests the family. Which isn’t exactly what I thought would happen.


Image of quest reward Sugar Jacket

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