Map image of the starting point to the quest Tears of the Two Moons.

Tears of the Two Moons

Level 4 Khenarthi’s Roost     

A powerful mage named Rurelion went missing in the Temple of the Mourning Springs. I agreed to help his apprentice Gathwen search the temple for signs of her master.

We should enter the temple courtyard and see what we can find of Rurelion.

  • Enter the Temple Courtyard
  • Talk to the Skeleton
  • Disrupt the Temple Wards
  • Enter the Temple Catacombs

Image entering the catacombs.

  • Disrupt the Barrier  The correct order is New Moon Stone, Waxing Moon Stone, Full Moon Stone, Waning Moon Stone, and follows the lunar cycle.


  • Find Rurelion
  • Disrupt Uldor’s Summoning Ritual There are 4 bone piles. Skeletons will arise from each one while Gathwen disrupts the ritual.
  • Confront Uldor
  • Disable the Traps
  • Talk to Rurelion
  • Talk to Gathwen Gathwen will confront you with a choice she would like to be sealed in the tomb instead of her master. I chose to seal Rurelion in the tomb, and the walkthrough will reflect that.
  • Seal Uldor’s Tomb Place the Tears on the 4 pedestals in the corner of the room. Uldor will cast area effect spells to block you, keep moving and you shouldn’t have any problems (well maybe some problems).

Image of trying to seal Uldor's Tomb.

  • Talk to Rurelion
  • Talk to Gathwen at the Central Ruins


Image of quest reward Mourning Bow.

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