Map image of the quest objective Investigate Temple of Mourning Springs

Storm on the Horizon

Level 4 Khenarthi’s Roost     

An Aldmeri Dominion fleet was shipwrecked here by a hurricane. I wasn’t part of the wreck, but perhaps I can use the chaos as cover.

If I want to meet Razum-dar on Khenarthi’s Roost I should speak with Sugar-Claws, the boatswain in Bulkhel Guard. She should be able to take me there.

  • Talk to Sugar-Claws
  • Talk to Razum-dar He will be your guide of sorts, and seems like a nice enough fellow.
  • Talk to Commander Karinith
  • Talk to Ealcil
  • Talk to Razum-dar at Eagle’s Strand’s Entrance
  • Investigate Temple of the Mourning Springs, Investigate Shattered Shoals. After completing one, both, or none of these meet Razum-dar at the entrance to Mistral. This quest is meant to send you off on an adventure, there is no rush to return to Raz. Take your time exploring and try out the other quests the island has to offer.
  • Talk to Razum-dar

Map image showing location of Razum-dar at Mistral.


Image of quest reward Goldfleet's Beacon.

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