Map image of the starting poin to the quest Moon-Sugar Medicament.

Moon-Sugar Medicament

Level 4 Khenarthi’s Roost     

I found a note in a smuggler camp. A young Khajiit was captured and taken to Hazak’s hollow by the Crosstree Bandits.

The note says the Khajiit was taken to Hazak’s Hollow. I should see if I can find it before the bandits kill the Khajiit.

  • Find Hazak’s Hollow Zulana will run up to you as you near the Hollow, speak with her.
  • Enter Hazek’s Hollow

Image showing entrance to Hazek's Hollow.

  • Rescue Kharj You find Khari, and he convinces you to assist him in killing Hazek.
  • Enter Hazek’s Lair The key is obtained by defeating nearby enemies.
  • Kill Hazek

Image of battle with Hazek.

  • Talk to Zulana


Image of quest reward Hazek's Hauberk.

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