Image of the starting point to the quest Cast Adrift.

Cast Adrift

Level 4 Khenarthi’s Roost     

The shoreline of Khenarthi’s Roost is lined with the shattered hulls of Aldmeri Dominion Sailing vessels. Equipment and personnel are scattered along the beach.

Sergeant Firion was wounded in the shipwreck. She asked me to help find members of her squad. She believes they may be wounded and encouraged me to keep an eye out for Torchbug Treacle, which can be used to treat injuries.

  • Find Edhelas  When you find him, He’s in pain, you can either get him some Torchbug Treacle to treat his wounds or send him back to Seargeant Firion.
  • Find Onglorn
  • Find Enistel  After finding the last member of the squad your quest will update.
  • Go to the Cave

Image of map view showing cave entrance.

  • Find Lieutenant Gelin  You find him, but it will take more than Torchbug Treacle to help him now.
  • Talk to Sergeant Firion  She asks you to warn the nearby ship of your findings.
  • Investigate the Beached Ship  No wonder his boat is beached, unskilled craftsmen do all the repairs.
  • Patch Forward Leak  I highly recommend talking to Sergeant Firion, she will send her squad mates out to help you fix the ship or with your other tasks.
  • Locate Helmsman’s Wheel
  • Patch Aft Leak
  • Retrieve Sun-Sighter from Sea Vipers
  • Talk to Quartermaster Oblan at the Prowler
  • Talk to the Prowler’s Captain
  • Talk to Mastengwe She tells you how the Sea Vipers created the storm.
  • Take the Lodestones from Sea Vipers
  • Stop the Maormer Ritual

Image of the storm above the Maomer Ritual site.

  • Return to Captain Jimila at the Prowler


Quest item reward Broadhead Shield.

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