The Elder Scrolls Frozen Man quest clue

The Frozen Man

Level 4 Bleakrock Isle     

Rolunda came to Orkey’s hollow looking for her brother, Eiman. The cave is said to be haunted, and young Nords on the island sometimes enter it to prove their bravery. Eiman went in, but he hasn’t come out.

I must enter Orkey’s Hollow to find Eiman.

  • Enter Orkey’s Hollow
  • Find Eiman
  • Find Clues to the Frozen Man’s Identity: 0/3  (main image)  During your search you discover, the Frozen Man was a mage, was par of the Aldmeri Dominion, and spied on Bleakrock Garrison.
  • Enter the Frozen Man’s Lair
  • Find the Real Frozen Man   In my opinion the real Frozen Man seemed to have more detailed form. However it may have been trial and error, and I just got lucky the second time.
  • Talk to The Frozen Man
  • Free Eiman
  • Talk to Rolunda


The Elder Scrolls Online Frozen Man reward Boneplinter

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