The Elder Scrolls Online Hozzins Folly Destroying the Sigil

Hozzin’s Folly

Level 4 Bleakrock Isle     

I met up with Seyne near Hozzin’s Folly. Bandits have landed on the island. They’re exploring an abandoned mine that was once home to Daedra worshippers.

Seyne wants me to explore the mine and discover what the raiders are doing here. To get inside, she wants me to take a uniform from the raider scout she killed. The raiders’ beasts can see through my disguise.

The Elder Scrolls Online Hozzins Folly quest map view

  • Get a Disguise from a Corpse
  • Investigate Hozzin’s Folly: 0/3  I saw a lot of people battling their way through this.. You can do that, but it’s much easier to use the disguise and avoid guards. If you are attacked, you will need to put on a new uniform each time in order to be hidden. Pay special attention to guards carrying torches, they can spot you through your disguise.
  • Get Inside the Mine  I lied to get into the mine, by saying it was an order from the Boss.
  • Find a Way into the Tomb
  • Bypass the Fire Traps
  • Use the Portal to Enter Oblivion
  • Destroy the Unspeakable Sigil  Once you reach out to destroy the Sigil, the explosion will send you back to the mine.
  • Leave the Mine
  • Talk to Sergeant Seyne


The Elder Scrolls Online Hozzins Folly reward Seynes Bootknife

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