The Elder Scrolls Online quest Unaccounted crew map view

Unaccounted Crew

Level 4 Auridon     

Captain Erronfaire is desperate to leave port, but she’s lost track of some of her crew. She needs them found so she can set sail for Velyn Harbor.

I’ve volunteered to help find the crew. She said Tanamo favors the tavern, anala may be at the Fighters Guild, and Balithil is somewhere in the marketplace.

Once I speak to them, I should see if they know where Degail is.

  • Find Captain Erronfaire’s Crew: 0/3  The crew seems very reluctant especially after what they think happened to Degail
  • Find Degail

The Elder Scrolls Online Unaccounted Crew quest objective find Degail objective map

  • Return to the Captain


The Elder Scrolls Online Unaccounted Crew quest reward Sailors Hatchet

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