The Elder Scrolls Online Through the ashes quest-stopping the ritual

Through The Ashes

Level 12 Auridon     

The town of Dawnbreak has been overrun with Daedra. In response, First Auridon Marines have arrived to aid the town.

I need to search Dawnbreak for survivors, get them mustered out.

  • Find People in Dawnbreak: 0/5  When you find Elannie, she refuses to leave without her fater. Unortunately outside in the center of town you find his remains.
  • Talk to Captain Landare at the Manor House
  • Listen to Artinaires’ Report
  • Talk to Captain Landare
  • Rescue Marine Patrols: 0/5   I found it difficult here to find Marine Patrols that were not already defeated. They seemed to die quickly fighting the Daedra, and one has to move fast to save them before they are killed

TESO Through the Ashes objective rescue marine patrols

  • Talk to Sergeant Artinaire  She will tell you that Landare left to explore a cave.
  • Find and Enter the Cave

The Elder Scrolls Online Through the Ashes Find and Enter Cave

  • Find Captain Landare  She will warn you about a couple of Daedra in the cave further ahead, and also mention that Estre is also a cultist.
  • Stop the Ritual (main image)
  • Find Landare at the Manor House  You let her know that Dawnbreak was a distraction, and Firsthold is Estre’s true target.


TESO reward for Through The Ashes Scampcrusher

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