The Elder Scrolls Online quest The Wayward Dagger

The Wayward Dagger

Level 14 Auridon     

A Covenant officer and her husband attempted to defect to the Aldmeri Dominion, covenant troops pursued the couple all the way to Auridon, and they’ve taken North Beacon in an attempt to capture the Orcs.

I need to board the Covenant ship and find the defecting officer.

  • Find the Covenant Defector
  • Burn East Trebuchet
  • Burn North Trebuchet
  • Burn West Trebuchet
  • Find the North Beacon Barracks
  • Kill Captain Bernardine  He can be found upstairs.
  • Escort Lakhazga to the Lighthouse on the Bluff
  • Talk to Lakhazga gro-Rimat


TESO reward War-Mages Cowl for The Wayward Dagger

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