The Elder Scrolls Online Veiled Choice objective Witness the Reunion

The Veiled Choice

Level 12 Auridon     

I met a Mer named Rolancano near the ruin known as Quendeluun. He claims the Veiled Heritance took his daughter, and tracked them to the site.

I’ve agreed to find Rolancano’s daughter Palith. She should be somewhere in the ruins beyond the nearby cave.

The Elder Scrolls Online Map Start of The Veiled Choice

  • Enter the South Ruins
  • Find Palith
  • Enter the North Ruins
  • Find Eranamo   …and he doesn’t seem like much of a captive.
  • Find the Uniform
  • Enter the Ship’s Lower Deck
  • Recover the Dominion Intel

The Elder Scrolls Online The Veiled Choice objective recover dominion intel

  • Leave the Ship
  • Talk to Eranamo
  • Talk to Rolancano  Outside of Quendeluun He refers to Eranamo as the no good son. Thanks for the encouragement Dad.
  • Witness the Reunion (main image)
  • Talk to Rolancano  Here you will be given a choice to let Eranomo live, or have him sentenced to death. I chose to let him live.
  • Witness the Sentencing Wow this is harsh!
  • Talk to Palith  She thanks you for sparing her brothers life.
  • Talk to Rolancano  He feels he made the right choice, and that he would come to regret killing his son.


TESO the Veiled Choice reward item Patriots Mace

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