The Elder Scrolls Online objective deactivate the lock crystal in the veil falls.

The Veil Falls

Level 11 Auridon     

I’m now a full member of the Veiled Heritance. I’ve been told of a grand hall where their leadership council meets. And they may be meeting with the Veiled Queen herself!

I’m inside the Veiled Keep. Now to discover the identity of the leader behind the Veil.

  • Find the Leaders of the Veiled Heritance  Oh no… they’re on to you!
  • Clear the First Room
  • Enter the Second Room
  • Deactivate the Lock Crystals (main image)
  • Enter the Third Room  In the third room you will be attacked by three Veiled Heritance. Be ready!
  • Return to Skywatch
  • Speak to Razum-dar  Let him know that Estre is the Veiled Queen.
  • Confront Estre

The Elder Scrolls Online High Elf Queen in The Veil Falls

  • Speak to the Queen

QUEST REWARD 138 GOLD 1 Skill Point and…

TESO reward Queesguard Chestplate

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