The Elder Scrolls Online Mallari Mora quest-entering atherial gateway

The Mallari-Mora

Level 11 Auridon     

I’ve come upon a High Eleven dig site, run by a scholar named Telenger.

I should speak to Telenger at the main camp.

  • Talk to Telenger the Artificer
  • Find Andewen  She will inform you that some of her team members are hurt, and some have been taken. You will need to find 2 runes to open the door to the undercroft.
  • Collect Runes: 0/2
  • Talk to Andewen at the Ruins Entrance
  • Wait for Andewen to Unlock the Door
  • Enter Ezduin Undercroft
  • Search for Missing Researchers
  • Talk to Meldil You learn Uricantar has trapped the others and he’s using their souls to form the gate.
  • Release Assistants: 0/4 Speaking with Andewen provides you with information about Uricantar. I chose not to harm the assistants, and by doing so, you will have to travel to the spirit realm and fight the nearby spirits before using the binding crystal. Atheriel gateways are scattered through out the ruins click on one to return to your plane of reality. (main image)
  • Enter the Inner Sanctum
  • Talk to Uricantar’s Projection
  • Seek out Uricantar You will have to fight both Uricantar and his body guard. I just focused on Uricantar first until he was dead, and finished his body guard shortly after.
  • Recover the Mallari-Mora

The Elder Scrolls Online Recovering the Mallari-Mora

  • Talk to Telenger the Artificer


RESO reward for Mallari-Mora_Artificers Bolt

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