The Elder Scrolls Online Defeat Tancano for quest The First Patient

The First Patient

Level 7 Auridon     

Velatosse is suspicious about the plague’s orgins. She’s asked me to look into the source of this mysterious illness.

Velatosse is very upset that the mercenaries are guarding Hendil’s home as well as the quarantine area. She thinks the alchemist is hiding something. I should speak to the guard at the home, or find an alternate way in.

  • Find a Way into Hendil’s House  A window on the west side of the house is open.

TESO quest The First Patient Find Way Inside Hendil's House

  • Bring Journal to Velatosse at her Son’s Home

TESO Hendils Journal for quest The First Patient

  • Find a Way into the Cave  I dropped 23 coin on a bribe to Scout Taniril, however let my loss be your good fortune, try going straight to the mercenary bunkhouse the uniforms are upstairs in a cabinet.
  • Enter the Cave, and Follow Hendil  He will notice you and take of running.
  • Talk to Nelulin
  • Defeat Amuur
  • Find Hendil
  • Defeat Tancano (main image)
  • Talk to Hendil
  • Return to Phaer, and Speak with Velatosse
  • Talk to Netanwe


The Elder Scrolls Online reward for The First Patient - Plaguetenders Staff

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