The Elder Scrolls Online Sever All Ties

Sever All Ties

Level 15 Auridon     

In order to save Firsthold and all of Auridon from High Kinlady Estre, the Oblivion portals must be closed and Estre defeated for good.

I should enter the Oblivion portals and find their source, a sigil stone. Once I find the stone, I will need to destroy it in order to close the portal for good.


  • Close the Portal: 0/3

For the first portal you will have to light 4 braziers to bring down a protective barrier, once it is down enter and destroy the sigil.

Another portal is lined with fire traps. They are easy to run and jump over. If you you are quick enough to run through the cavern to the sigil, you can get ahead of the fire traps before they start.

One of the portals is filled with Daedric guards, and you will have to fight your way through. At the end is a mini boss that you will need to defeat.

  • Find Razum-dar  He thinks it’s time to put an end to Estre.
  • Enter the Castle (main image)
  • Enter the Portal
  • Defeat High Kinlady Estre  This is a cool fight. During the battle Estre will summon Flame Atronachs that will sheild her. Destroy the Atronach to break the sheild, and then return to pummeling on Estre for the win.

The Elder Scrolls Online- Defeating Kinlady Estre

  • Talk to Razum-dar
  • Talk to Queen Ayrenn


TESO Sever All Ties reward Estres Dreadstaff


Quest leads to The Great Tree.

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