The Elder Scrolls Online Rites of the Queen Enter Ancestral Chamber

Rites of the Queen

Level 8 Auridon     

Queen Ayrenn must perform the final ritual at Tanzelwil in the ancestral crypts. Malicious spirits plague this holy shrine, and somewhere the traitorous Norion lurks.

Ayrenn and I are to enter the crypts. I could speak with her first, to learn more about what we might face.

  • Talk to Queen Ayrenn
  • Follow Queen Ayrenn
  • Destroy the Crystal to Open the Door
  • Continue to Follow Queen Ayrenn
  • Enter Ancestral Chamber (main image)
  • Defeat Norion  Norion will continue to spawn adds. Keep moving away from the adds and focus on killing Norion. The adds will die when he does.

The Elder Scrolls Online Rites of the Queen defeating Norion

  • Talk to Queen Ayrenn


TESO Rites of the Queen reward Eaglebanner-Longbow

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