TESO quest Plague of Phaer start

Plague of Phaer

Level 7 Auridon     

The town of Phaer is beset by a mysterious plague. The town alchemist, Hendil, has taken steps to treat the ill.

Hendil is using a barn near the edge of town as a hospice. If I’m going to help him out, I’ll need to find him there.

  • Talk to Hendil
  • Collect Salloweed: 0/4
  • Return to Hendil  When you return you discover the zombies you just fought were townsfolk touched by the plague.
  • Give Aloe to Eryeril  Hmm..

The Elder Scrolls Online quest Plague of Phaer map of objective locations.

  • Give Aloe to Nelulin  I’m starting to think…
  • Give Aloe to Aninwe  Something is a bit amiss with this aloe salve Hendil gave us.


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