The Elder Scrolls Online quest Lifting the Veil

Lifting the Veil

Level 11 Auridon

I’ve arrived in Skywatch to find it abuzz about a festival. Razum-dar also awaits my presence at the royal manse.

I need to find Razum-dar at the royal manse.

  • Find Razum-dar
  • Speak to the Noble The Noble turns out to be Razum in disguise. He gives you a disguise of your own, and sends you out on a task.
  • Go to the Barbed Hook Tavern
  • Find the Veiled Heritance Recruiter (main image)
  • Get a Royal Guard’s Sword If you have the persuade skill, great! If not you can pay 306 gold to get the blade from the guard. I would bet there is another way to get the sword as well.
  • Return to Palomir He offers you a drink, and you eagerly drink it down.
  • Speak to Palomir Palomir, has you take an oath to the Veiled Queen to gain entrance to the club.


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