The Elder Scrolls Online quest In the Name of the Queen map view

In the Name of the Queen

Level 8 Auridon     

Queen Ayrenn seeks to perform rituals honoring her ancestors. When she arrived at Tanzelwil, however, she found the spirits angered and violent.

The Queen prepares for her rituals within Tanzelwil. I should seek her out.

  • Meet Up with Queen Ayrenn
  • Aid the Priestess at the Northern Ritual Site  Once you arrive at the center of the ritual site, the priestess will arrive. Wait for her to perform her ritual, and protect her.
  • Aid the Priestess at the West Ritual Site  You find her journal where she should be… After reading through you discover the priestesses location. Now you must defeat the Spirit guarding the ritual site.

The spirit guarding the ritual isn’t difficult to defeat,

  • Speak to Queen Ayrenn


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