The Elder Scrolls Online quest Harsh Lesson

Harsh Lesson

Level 13 Auridon     

I’ve arrived at a place called The College of Aldmeri Propriety. One of the students claims this Thalmor training ground is a place of hardship and abuse. She’s asked me to investigate.

Baham told me to begin my investigation by talking to Tanion, the headmaster of the college. I imagine I could also ask Baham some follow-up questions as well.

The Elder Scrolls Online quest Harsh Lessons

  • Talk to Tanion He claims things at the College are tough but fair, this is a war they are training for afterall.
  • Observe Khajiit Classroom When you speak with Ilara, a Khajiit, she cowers at the thought of being thrown back in the cave for not achieving her believed potential.
  • Observe Bosmer Classroom Speak with a Bosmer student, to hear his views on the education he’s received.
  • Spar with Proctors: 0/4
  • Talk to Tanion You have two choices.. Lie, and tell him the school is very nice, or tell him that you can’t believe you treat these people like that. I chose the later.
  • Talk to Baham
  • Give Medical Supplies to Students
  • Talk to Baham
  • Meet with Zaban When you arrive an assassin disappears, but not before you hear him say “That’s what cats get when they try to double cross the Veiled Heritance” You search his body and find a note from to Razum-dar.
  • Talk to Baham
  • Go to Saltspray Caves
  • Defeat Tanion  ( main image) This was a very easy fight. I think he was also trained by the Proctors we sparred with earlier.
  • Talk to Ilara
  • Return to the College
  • Talk to Baham


The Elder Scrolls Online Harsh Lesson reward Thalmor Helm

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