The Elder Scrolls Online quest Final Blows

Final Blows

Level 12 Auridon     

A list of various Veiled Heritance members was found. Egranor is ensuring the people listed are brought to justice.

I need to search Auridon for four members of the Veiled Heritance and ensure they’re dead.

The Elder Scrolls Online map image of quest Final Blows

  • Find the Veiled Heritance Leaders: 0/4
  • Find Karulae (main image)
  • Find Aranias She has fled the island for Greenshade, and will not need to be found to complete the quest.
  • Find Calanyese
  • Find Helonel 
  • Return to Egranor


The Elder Scrolls Online quest reward Executioners gloves

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