Elder Scrolls Online quest Eye Spy rescuing wounded soldiers

Eye Spy

Level 14 Auridon     

I’ve met a member of the Eyes of the Queen at North Beacon. He’s tracking an elite Covenant soldier, and wants my assistance supporting the troops in the field.

There are some Covenant uniforms in a supply hut near North Beacon. Arfanel wants me to grab them.

The Elder Scrolls Online quest Eye Spy start

  • Grab Covenant Uniforms This part wasn’t available to me until I completed the quest “The Wayward Dagger.” Afterwards the footlocker which stored the uniforms was visible, and I could grab a Covenant Uniform. It may have been just a temporary bug.

The Elder Scrolls Online Eye Spy quest

Support the Troops:

  • Rescue Wounded Soldiers: 0/5 (main image)
  • Enter the Western Supply Hut, and speak with Cariel. She’ll have ask you to clean up the house, which means set fire to it.
  • Talk to Arfanel on the Bluff


The Elder Scrolls Online quest reward Keeneye Belt

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