The Elder Scrolls Online quest Ensuring Security

Ensuring Security

Level 3 Auridon     

I’ve arrived in the city of Vulkhel Guard, gateway to Auridon. Security is tight as Queen Ayrenn, the new leader of the Aldmeri Dominion, prepares for a public appearance.

I should speak to Advisor Norion in the west warehouse.

(Whether you speak to the advisor, or steward first depends on the choice you made in the conversation.)

  • Talk to Advisor Norion
  • Find the Deployment Plans
  • Talk to Advisor Norion  She seems upset, but denies it.
  • Search for Evidence of Poison  When you find some evidence, return to Norion.

The Elder Scrolls Online map view of quest Ensuring Security

  • Talk to Watch Captain Astanya  She has another job for you to do.
  • Talk to Watchman Heldil
  • Talk to the Suspect  He will tell you Captain Astanya is corrupt, and a member of Veiled Heritance. The guards will come in and take him into custody.
  • Talk to Watchman Heldil  He assures you the suspect will get a fair trial.


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