The Elder Scrolls Online Depth of Madness quest.

Depths of Madness

Level 8 Auridon     

I’ve found a lost member of the Queen’s entourage near the entrance to a hidden Vale. She told me that her fellow travelers, members of the Queen’s entourage, have been taken. A mad Mage apparently holds them.

Eminelya’s directed me through a tunnel and into a hidden Vale. She believes the Mage has taken her companions there.

The Elder Scrolls Online quest Depth of Madness start.

  • Investigate the Vale
  • Talk to the Projection of Sanessalmo
  • Rescue Minantille  Once you speak to Minantille, she will order her minion to attack you. Defeat the enemy and Minantille will be set free from her rage.
  • Rescue Merion  In Merion’s bag is a recipe to a potion that should snap him out of his enthrallment. I did encounter what might be a bug, quest failed after collecting first item. Collect other two items, and run back and grab the item that failed and it should work for you.
  • Rescue Nuulehtel  When you talk to him, he’ll ask you to build a fire. Collect tinder, oil, and straw then return to him. Start a campfire.
  • Confront Senessalmo (main image)
  • Talk to Eminelya


Depths of Madness quest reward item Kilt of the Fractured Mind.

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