Elder Scrolls Online using runed talisman on wards.

Breaking the Barrier

Level 15 Auridon     

Razum-dar has aasked me to travel to Firsthold to see what High Kinlady Estre, the Veiled Queen, plans for the city.

I should find Battlereeve Urcelmo in Firsthold and offer to help.

To get to Urcelmo, I’ll need to get to the city of Firsthold. It’s far to the north in Auridon.

  • Speak to Battlereeve Urcelmo
  • Talk to Sinien She asks you to find the wards. One is in the east wing of the city, the other in the west. Just point, focus, and she’ll do the rest.
  • Use the Runed Talisman on the Wards: 0/2   (main image)
  • Speak to Razum-dar


Quest follwed by Sever All Ties.

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