Blessing of the eight entering central shrine.

Blessings of the Eight

Level 13  Auridon     

Torinaan is a holy site dedicated to the Divines. It’s been corrupted by Daedra, and the loyal clergy there wants my aid in cleansing the area.

A priestess of Mara told me of the troubles facing the holy site of Torinaan. She asked me to speak with the head of her order, an Aldarch named Colaste.

TESO map view start of Blessing of the Eight quest.

  • Talk to the Aldarch
  • Restore the Shrines
  • Restore Shrine of Magnus To restore the shrine you must defeat the primary cultists at the alters within it.
  • Restore Shrine of Anu and Y’ffre In the passageway to the left you will find a note titled The Font of Aequiies, and by searching the Shrine Monastic you will find the chalice it refers to. Use the chalice while standing in the center of the water to restore the shrine. Do the same for the other side of the Shrine to fully restore it.

Blessing of the Eight Font of Aequiies.

  • Restore Shrine of Trinimac and Xarxes In here you will find the note Bending to the Flame. Again the the Shrine Monastic will have the item you need, search him. Then stand by the flame, point to the altar and use the wand. In the second area of the shrine.. you will need to stand by the fire and use it to light the second brazier so that you can be in view of the alter to complete the ritual.

Restoring the shrine of Trinmac and Xarxes

  • Restore Shrine of Mara and Stendar On the wing to the right as you enter light all four braziers. Head to the left side of the shrine and light all four braziers to complete the purification of the shrine.
  • Enter the Central Shrine Temple of the Divines (main image)
  • Speak to Aldarch Colaste She will tell you that the Divines have more to say to you. Follow Aldarch Colaste
  • Watch the Vision


TESO quest reward Divine Touched Aegis.

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