Auridon act of kindness puzzle quest.

An Act of Kindness

Level 11 Auridon     

In the ruins of Ezduiin, I found an enterprising researcher working with Telenger. She’s concerned about the recent appearance of the spirits. She seeks a way to lay them to rest.

Siringue gave me a magical crystal I need to engage the spirits of Ezduiin in combat, and then focus my will through the crystal. This should send them back to Aetherius.

  • Use Sirinque’s Crystal on Weakened Spirits: 0/10  After you complete this a spirit appears to you and insists that you speak to him.
  • Talk to the Spirit at the Ayleid Vault
  • Solve the Puzzle  Activate the correct 4 stones to solve the puzzle. The Theif, The Warrior, The Serpent, and The Mage.  The images on the four pillars are the same as the images on the floor, just select the correct floor panels. (main image)
  • Talk to Sirinque
  • Watch Sirinque Lift the Curse
  • Talk to Sirinque


The Elder Scrolls Online quest reward for An Act of Kindness.

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