fighting the Daedric Puppetmaster.

A Village Awakened

Level 10 Auridon     

Merormo senses that a powerful Daedra has wrested control of the animals away. As long as it remains, Merormo will no doubt resist freeing the villagers.

I need to find the cave Merormo told me about.

  • Find the Cave

Image of the cave entrance.

  • Talk to Anenwen She tells you Merormo is behind the whole debacle.
  • Kill Daedric Puppetmaster ( set as main image)
  • Return to Anenwen
  • Confront Merormo
  • Watch Anenwen Speak to Merormo
  • Speak to Cononreeve Pinanande If you speak to Merormo first he will tell you how the spell was intended to work, and it does sound like he is being honest. The creature in the cave was not part of his plan, and his intentions do seem honorable. However this could just be a ploy to deceive you.

I chose the Merormo lives scenario.


Image of quest reward Binders Robe.

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